Photo ID Cards for Creators

with Abstract Fine Art and Near-Field Communication 


🖌 visionaryPass Painted

Futuristic art designed uniquely for you.


Personalized art pieces with Website NFC Tags

visionaryPass NFC Embedded 

visionaryPass Painted - A hand-crafted NFC card with futuristic scribble art | Product Hunt Embed

Yooo, what? I love this! Dude, that’s it [my website] right there. That’s insane.

Jake Soriano

Sacamento Kings, Videographer, @jakesorianomedia

Jake’s visionaryPass Painted links to his personal website.

My mind was blown when I opened this thing up. It was literally the most creative thing I’ve ever seen in my life … the best unboxing experience I’ve ever had in my life because I had no idea what it was. It wasn’t just a badge. It’s like you could control the world.

Mat Sherman

Host of Forward Thinking Founders, @Mat_Sherman

Mat’s visionaryPass Painted unlocked a recording of his creative learning lab: ‘Learnings from $0 to $24K MRR’

I love it so much!!! I’m making a video for it right now lol

Chelsey Horne

🎥 Photographer || Content Creator, @Chelsey_Horne

Chelsey using visionaryPass Painted to open her portfolio.

Chelsey uses visionaryPass Painted to access and share her cinematography portfolio.

There’s a video! What on earth? Justin, you are literally fucking Tony Stark. I like this a lot. This is really dope, man. Justin, can I be you when I grow up? 

Brandon Havard

½ The Aftershow | Creative Director @MKBHD, @BrandonJHavard

Look! He drew our cassette. Aww, it’s all handwritten. Aww, it’s a scribble! I’m happy to live in a world where Justin is who he is.

Jacob Wolos

½ The Aftershow | Musician, @JacobWolos

Brandon & Jacob’s visionaryPass Painted art pieces open their YouTube ‘Let’s Talk 07’ video.

The Aftershow visionaryPass Painted links to their Patreon profile.

Promising and inspiring solutions to the employment crisis for young people.

Jon Bon Jovi

Musician/Philanthropist, @jonbonjovi

From EnvisionWith.Me to visionaryPass Circle. All things visionary.